who am i?

Good question.  I have no idea, I’m still trying to figure that out.  I’ve spent many years trying to analyse what kind of artist I am,  and what I represent.  It has been incredibly deep and depressing to think about and I am no closer to resolution now, then when I initially decided to announce my artistic “rebirth”.

The only way I can answer that honestly, is to state simply… I am me.  I have discovered that I like who I am (most days), even if I’m unable to place a label on myself.  I’m not interested in fixing my flaws, nor viewing them as such, but rather to learn more about the things that affect and influence my world.

Sometimes I feel so bombarded with messages that I need to “improve” on who I am, because who I am isn’t good enough. It is a message that seems to be drilled into everyone relentlessly. It’s all consuming and overwhelming.

I’ve reached the crux where I’m saying “fuck it”, I’m done thinking about it.  It’s time to move on.

I’ve been so tentative to take a step forward as an artist because I haven’t found my niche.  I enjoy a variety of things and it’s difficult to categorize them in such a way to be “successful” as an artist, or so I’ve been told.

Anyhow, I have resolved to stop soul searching and just start. So to some, this site may feel disjointed which (with all truthfulness) reflects my thought process.  My approach is to treat this as my journal, documenting my artistic journey and to do my best at presenting it with all the elegance and sincerity that i can.

dear diary,

  • procrastination
    why am i crying? nearly everyday? is it the depression? is it midlife? is it etc? is it bad to cry? does crying mean i’m sad? why do i procrastinate excessively? why do i terrorize myself for pursuing art? crying: crying is simply the body’s response to releasing tension. procrastination: the inability to move forward… Read more: procrastination
family portrait
approx 6’x3′, acrylic on canvas
david – niagara falls casino at night
12Wx16H.in, acrylic paint on masonite.


graduation certificate & diploma
art fundamentals
visual & creative arts – advanced
post-grad certificate
interactive multimedia


silver medal highest honour award
for advanced visual & creative arts
dart league award
division champions
my first (& only) trophy!
dart league award, division champions

level ups

dart league achievement
180 pin
sketchbook – fine liner & watercolour