• Lexus Love

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  • Hespeler Village: A Canvas of Transformation and Inspiration

    Hespeler Village: A Canvas of Transformation and Inspiration

    From DSLR Snapshot to Silk Screen Masterpiece Feeling uninspired, struggling to find that creative spark? As artists, we often find inspiration in the most unexpected places, and sometimes, it’s right at our doorstep. We’re going on a journey through my artistic process, from a simple photograph of my neighbourhood to a striking silk screen print.…

  • @HespelerVillageArt… Instagram Activated

    @HespelerVillageArt… Instagram Activated

    progress is currently underway. this site has been dormant for some time, yet still has continued to gain a subscriber list. I will begin actively working on this newsletter & instagram account, so expect a lot of new activity from this feed. Things are happening. to be continued… To help support this newsletter, I am…

  • Exploring ‘LuLuLeo’: From ‘Leo’ to Artistic Evolution

    Exploring ‘LuLuLeo’: From ‘Leo’ to Artistic Evolution

    Whoa! hang on… it has been 1 year already? Happy 1 year anniversary, here is my gift to you.

  • My job/career plans.

    i am a wordpress website developer (10+ years professional, 1+ year freelance). wordpress theme & plugin development just changed (within this year) for the first time in 20 years. how websites were built before, is no longer valid… and will become out dated. i have a small Business banking Account. (since 2017) i have not…

  • Capturing ‘Leo’ in CMYK: An Artistic Journey

    Capturing ‘Leo’ in CMYK: An Artistic Journey

    August 2023 mail: a 5″x7″ portrait print “Leo” & a personal note from me… this project continues into september’s mail of the month too.

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