Hespeler Village: A Canvas of Transformation and Inspiration

From DSLR Snapshot to Silk Screen Masterpiece

Feeling uninspired, struggling to find that creative spark? As artists, we often find inspiration in the most unexpected places, and sometimes, it’s right at our doorstep. We’re going on a journey through my artistic process, from a simple photograph of my neighbourhood to a striking silk screen print.

The artistic process captured on YouTube 🙂
Riverbank Lofts, June 2017. Photography by Diette.

I am fortunate to call Hespeler Village in Cambridge, Ontario, my home. Thirteen years ago, when I first moved here, the neighbourhood was dreary & a little rough. Over the years, the heart of Hespeler has remarkably transformed into a bustling vibrant and sociable atmosphere. I’m happy to be a part of this community’s resurgence.

The Catalyst: Riverview & Riverbank Lofts Projects

A major contributor to this revitalization has been the Riverview and Riverbank Lofts projects. These developments not only brought new life to the community but also offer a unique backdrop for this particular art project. With my DSLR camera in hand, I set out to capture the essence of my evolving neighbourhood.

The Photo That Ignited My Creativity

The photograph encapsulates the juxtaposition of old and new, the history and the future, all within a single frame. This duality fuels my creative process and I’m eager to bring this to life artistically.

A Creative Evolution

It’s worth noting that this wasn’t my first attempt at turning this image into a work of art. In the past, I created a piece that I consider unfinished. However, the more I revisit it, the more I appreciate the raw and unfinished aspects.

As you can probably tell, i have an unsteady hand which is quite prevalent looking at the lamp posts. While my original plan was to finish this piece, I’m still reconsidering how to move forward with it… so I’m putting it off for now, lol.

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Riverbank Lofts, 20Wx15H.in
Graphite, Charcoal, India Ink, Acrylic Paint, Soft Pastel
on Watercolour Paper

A Fresh Start with a New Vision

Inspired by the essence of the photograph and the spirit of October, I decided to start anew, aiming to create a silk screen print using only black ink. In Photoshop I defined my layers by blocking out objects & converted grey scale layers into bitmap halftone images.

The printing process involves carefully aligning the transparency film between the silkscreen and a piece of glass, exposing it to UV light, and patiently experimenting with the exposure time.

Riverbank Lofts Archive 5×7 PDF


Interested in silk screen printing this image for yourself or want the digital & downloadable version of this artwork? 5×7 Landscape Orientation.

Riverbank Lofts Archive 5×7 Card


Riverside view of the Riverview & Riverbank Lofts. 5×7 landscape print on a card. 100% cotton archival quality paper.

Riverbank Lofts Archive 5×7 Print


Riverside view of the Riverview & Riverbank Lofts. 5×7 landscape print. 100% cotton archival quality paper.

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Bonus: Printing with Purpose

Alongside the Riverbank Lofts piece, I also printed out my last project, “Lululeo.” I had room to process another template so i resized the image line art to a 5×7 portrait orientation. Learn more about LuLuLeo.

LuLuLeo – Line Art PDF


LuLuLeo lion face with mane. 20.3″x23.8″ printable download. I created this template to process onto a silk screen. please give it a try… i would love to see your creations 🙂

LuLuLeo 5×7 Card


LuLuLeo line art inspired by the colour of LuLu. 5×7 portrait print on a card. 100% cotton archival quality paper.

LuLuLeo 5×7 Print


LuLuLeo line art inspired by the colour of LuLu. 5×7 portrait print. 100% cotton archival quality paper.


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