september 2022 mail

good news, september 2022 mail is at the post office and on it’s way to you 🙂

september 2022

what to expect in the mail:

monthly mail september 2022 contents
monthly mail september 2022 contents
scarlett in the study 5x7 print (silver)
print of the month

package design:

i’ve been working on the package design for the paper sample included with this mail.

here is the first design i came up with and prototyped:

sample paper cover design 01
first cover design to package 3 sheets of sample paper.

rather than simply wrapping the paper with a paper band, i wanted to add a b&w insert to add a personalized touch. i quickly created this first prototype… and printed it on tracing paper.

i want to change a few things about this before i send it out. i don’t like the wording i used in calling this a gift… you are paying monthly to receive mail from me, it’s not extra.

i love working with this paper… nothing could explain better the experience, than touching & working with this paper for yourself.

after about 7 different prototypes, i think i reached an outcome i’m much happier with:

front cover design
back cover design

the qr code directs to a page on my site with more specific information about the paper.

interested in how i made these prints?

concept, composition & creation
acrylic on canvas
painting to digital & printed templates
exposing silk screens
silk screen printing
final prints

leave your thoughts or questions here...