Capturing ‘Leo’ in CMYK: An Artistic Journey

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As an artist, I often find inspiration in the world around me, and occasionally, in the stars above. Being a Leo, my zodiac sign is represented by the Lion, a symbol of strength, courage, and majesty. This year, I embarked on an artistic journey that blended my astrological connection with my love for the visual arts. The result? A vibrant 5″x7″ full-color silk screen print that celebrates the spirit of ‘Leo.’

Creating The Origin Story of ‘Leo’:

To begin this project, I sought to create not only art but also a character backstory that would resonate with my zodiac sign. I envisioned ‘Leo’ as a lion with the rare and captivating feature of piercing blue eyes. I wanted these blue eyes to be the heart of the artwork, a feature that would define the character and the spirit of my project.

To bring ‘Leo’ to life, I enlisted the help of AI to assist with storytelling. Together, we crafted an origin story that portrayed ‘Leo’ as a majestic lion with mesmerizing blue eyes, setting him apart from all other lions in the savannah. His blue eyes symbolized wisdom, magic, and the power to see into the hearts of those around him.

ChatGPT prompt

The Origin Story of Leo

“Once upon a time, in the vast African savannah, there lived a legendary lion named Leo. Leo was not an ordinary lion; he was a majestic creature with a mesmerizing feature that set him apart from all the other lions of his pride – his striking, deep blue eyes.

Leo’s story began on a warm summer night under the brilliant African stars. The sky was ablaze with twinkling constellations, and the heavens seemed to celebrate his birth. As the constellations aligned to form the constellation Leo, the Lion, the universe bestowed upon him a gift that would make him truly unique among lions.

From the very moment he opened his eyes, it was clear that Leo was special. His eyes were a captivating shade of blue, a hue that was as rare as it was enchanting. The other lions in the pride were in awe of his stunning appearance. His blue eyes seemed to hold the wisdom of the ages and a deep, mysterious magic that drew all creatures of the savannah to him.

As Leo grew, his striking appearance was matched only by his bravery and wisdom. He became known as the protector of the pride, defending them against the perils of the wild and leading them to bountiful hunting grounds. His blue eyes, it was said, had the power to see into the hearts of those around him, revealing their true intentions and guiding his decisions with uncanny accuracy.

Leo’s fame spread throughout the African savannah, and he became a symbol of strength, courage, and wisdom. The other animals revered him as a king among kings, and his presence alone could bring a sense of peace to the wildest corners of the wilderness.

As generations passed, the story of Leo, the lion with the captivating blue eyes, was passed down from one pride to the next. He became the embodiment of the Leo zodiac sign, symbolizing the qualities of those born under its influence – fierce determination, unwavering courage, and an enduring sense of regal majesty.

And so, every year, as the stars aligned to form the constellation Leo, people around the world would look up at the night sky and remember the legendary lion who had inspired it all. Leo, with his magnificent blue eyes and golden mane, would forever be a symbol of strength and beauty, a reminder that even in the wild and unpredictable world, there was always room for a touch of magic and wonder.”


The Artistic Process:

Before I could begin creating the silk screen print, I needed to reclaim and prepare the screens. I shared this process, showcasing the cathartic nature of cleaning screens and how it prepares me for the creative journey ahead.

Cleaning the screens and applying emulsion are meticulous tasks that require patience and precision. I emphasized the blue eyes even further, before printing out my templates. With the goal of achieving full-colour printing (CMYK processing), I invested in CMYK inks to bring my vision to life.

Design and Printing Templates:

Creating the design for my silk screen print involved resizing the image, enhancing it to make those blue eyes truly pop, and converting it into CMYK for accurate colour representation. I also detailed the process of printing, from preparing transparency films to inking each plate in Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black. It’s a process that requires attention to detail and careful handling of materials.

The Artistic Result:

Despite a few hiccups along the way, including a mirrored image mishap, I ultimately produced a beautiful silk screen print that captures the essence of ‘Leo’ and his captivating blue eyes. ‘Leo’ is now travelling to its new home, and I’m already exploring new artistic horizons for my next project.


This project has been a true artistic journey, blending my connection to my zodiac sign with my love for visual storytelling. It’s a testament to the power of art to bring forth character and emotion, and I’m excited to see ‘Leo’ find a place in the hearts of those who encounter the print.

As an artist, every project is a unique adventure, and ‘Leo’ has been no exception. I hope you’ll join me on the path to creative discovery by subscribing to my journey and staying tuned for more artistic endeavours in the future.

Thank you for sharing this project with me, and I can’t wait to embark on the next artistic venture.

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  1. Bazil says:

    If you ask me, every cat’s got a little bit of Leo in ’em. We may not all have those golden manes, but we’ve got the heart of a wildcat, just like our legendary friend. And as for these blue eyes of mine, well, let’s just say they’re my own touch of magic!

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