Retro Cars – Card


retro automobiles parked along a tree-lined street. 5″x7″ (landscape) limited edition silk screen printed onto a blank greeting card.

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Introducing a limited edition Retro Card greeting card. This is a unique and versatile piece of art that captures the nostalgia of a bygone era. This image showcases a captivating scene of retro automobiles parked along a tree-lined street, exuding charm and vintage allure.

Measuring 5″x7″ in landscape orientation, this image is silk screen printed onto 100% cotton archival paper, ensuring exceptional quality and longevity. The choice of archival paper guarantees that the print will stand the test of time, preserving its vibrancy and fine details for years to come.

These prints can be gifted as a heartfelt greeting card allowing you to convey your warmest wishes to a loved one on any special occasion.

Showcase your appreciation for classic cars, frame this pop art & hang it on the wall in any living or work space, creating a captivating piece of vintage-inspired wall art.

Each Retro Cars greeting card is part of a limited edition of only eight prints, ensuring its exclusivity and uniqueness. You can be confident that you are acquiring a truly special piece of art that will be cherished by any automobile enthusiast or lover of vintage aesthetics.

Experience the nostalgia and beauty of classic automobiles with this exceptional creation.

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