ways to support my work

subscribe to diette.ca

please connect directly with me, join the conversations & the community. offer your feedback and suggestions. this is ultimately the best way to support my work (at no cost). i need your direction and guidance to create art that you want to see.

subscribe to the mail club $15/month

every month, i would like to share with you the current projects i am working on. my overall artistic dream is to share my art with you. from theory & concept to design & product, in all aspects, i find therapy and joy in art. whether you are an artist or observer, i want to create art that interests you. our discussions of techniques, experiences, ideas and critiques will help decide what projects to prioritize.

make a contribution $?

if you’re not interested in receiving snail mail but would still like to support my work, you can make a single or monthly contribution. as a supporter, you will have access to all of the exclusive online content.

purchase my art

all of my art is purchasable. if there is something you see that you like, drop me a line & let me know.

where does the money go?

  • archival artist materials & products
  • packaging material & payment processing
  • equipment: video recording, computer software,
  • running costs: internet, web hosting, electricity
  • living expenses: rent, food, kitty care