My job/career plans.

i am a wordpress website developer (10+ years professional, 1+ year freelance).

wordpress theme & plugin development just changed (within this year) for the first time in 20 years. how websites were built before, is no longer valid… and will become out dated.

i have a small Business banking Account. (since 2017)

i have not yet neared the threshold:

  • GST/HST registration = $30,000 threshold1 over four consecutive calendar quarters.2
  • (If your business has employees, facilities, or offices in Ontario, you must register using the Ontario Business Registry.)
    Sole Proprietorship – $60

last 12 months (as of Sept 11/23):
Gross volume: $5,090.00
Net volume from sales: $4,936.01

Job Search – May 2023 to July 2023

of the job search pool, employers are seeking out employees for old wordpress & outdated methods.

during May i had sent out resumés & it took 1 month before i began hearing any responses. the resumé & cover letters i sent out, nearly all resulted in the stage one (initial meeting) interview. every employer has 5-8 phases of the interview process which span several months. all asking for coding samples/tests & most looking for what i’ve developed for tutorial/support documentation materials.

Of my job searches, there was only one employer which i would even continue pursuing because they are also wordpress contributors. here is their response to my coding phase of the application process:

Hello Diette,

Thank you for the time and effort that you put into our process thus far, we’ve appreciated you allowing us better insight into your skillset and experience. Our review team has had the chance to review your work, and after some discussion, it has been determined that we are not ready to proceed with you in the process right now.

There were a number of things that the team appreciated about your samples, in particular, your use of custom Gutenberg blocks, core data selectors, WordPress functions, and WP hooks to make modifications. At the same time, there were a few concerns that would not allow us to move forward at this time:

– Missing inline function documentation
– Almost no output escaping
– Lack of intentional and elegant code structure and architecture
– 30% of all the code is commented out, very difficult to read
– Questionable decisions (overriding wp cache * commands)
– Inconsistent (and non-PHP) namespaces
– Inline styles
– Unbounded query
– Non-sanitized input variables

Since we also welcome reapplying in the future, you might be interested in checking out our Engineering Best Practices. This shows how we approach engineering standards. Some applicants have told us that they found it helpful as they continued to grow in their skillset – some of whom were hired after reapplying in the future. 

We will keep your information on file and, if you’re open to it, we encourage you to reapply should the right opportunity surface. If you have any questions in the meantime, do not hesitate to reach out.

While I am sure this isn’t the news you were hoping for, we have appreciated the opportunity to get to know you throughout our process. A separate email will be sent to you in the next few days, with a short survey to provide feedback on the 10up recruiting process. All responses will be anonymous and we would love your insights if you kindly could spare a few moments.

All the best,

Aimee Hiebert & The 10up Recruiting Team

before i can reapply for this job i need to level up my skill.

August 2023

designed and developed a subscription product:

Website Package

VIP Web Hosting & WordPress Coaching: $29.36/month

wordpress “out-of-the-box” training (currently in development):

NOTE: wordpress has open-source lesson plans & teaching community. i’ve been researching the existing repository of (approx 75-100) lessons and organizing a course & lesson plan structure.

there is currently a lack of resources for the NEW wordpress. even from within their own documentation… most of their lessons use language that assumes the student knows old wordpress.

September 2023 * CURRENT

i began filming & producing the first lesson (2 parts – theory & practice), using the lessons provided by wordpress. however, there is a new tool, so i have to archive that lesson already.

september 11-15: filming & editing video walk through (voice over)

september 18-24:

september 25-39: finalize & push sell to david & christine (trial/soft launch)

October 2023

sales channels/strategy:

  1. update to promote
  2. facebook feed & facebook artist/business page: friends & family post, (artists, hobbies, writers).
  3. youTube: make lessons “public”, publish art video with included promotion. update youtube cover
  4. linkedIn: write article (page builders are “old” wordpress, wordpress is a page builder out-of-the-box. )
  5. create incentive program for rebecca?

November 2023

December 2023

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