scarlett in the study

youtube may 13, 2022. outlines the first phase of the project scarlett in the study.

i want to add an art study group section to this website: a place to journal, sketch, create learning paths & resources. i have several art text books and learning tools i’ve found helpful and would like to share.

i would like to create some feature artwork and the idea of scarlett in the study came to mind.

brainstorming brain icon.storm icon.

1 i’m visualizing a black cat with a red osterich feather headdress sitting in the lounge chair of a library.

2 gather some reference photographs and determine the media i want to work with… acrylic paint on canvas.

3 i’m starting with a photoshop file the same dimensions as the canvas and working out the overall composition before applying this to the canvas.

reference images used for scarlett in the study.
reference images used for scarlett in the study.

the painting

4 laying out the composition on the canvas using gesso & building up the image with acrylic

5 refining the painting & building up the layers

digital editing (for silk screen prints)

6 photograph painting and use photoshop to alter digitally. in this case, i am creating silk screen prints of this image… so i’m going to work on these first before creating a featured image for my website.

remove background, adjust contrast, separate channels for printing each colour plate.

the silk screen process

7 with the very first trial run, i was nervous. i really didn’t want to fuck it up, i supposed i am a bit of a perfectionist in that way. i even told myself prior to starting:

this wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t the outcome i was hoping for. i thought i could do much better if i make a few tweaks.

finalizing the limited edition prints

8 this is the final run, i want to put this image to bed so i can move onto the next image. it is not a perfect representation of how i wanted the final print to look, but this is a great start.

9 cataloguing prints and updating my website.

i am using my website to provide documentation on all of my work. as i build an inventory, i would like to build a shop, but for now i want to start with subscribers.

subscribers are my ideal clients/collectors and i want to put my custom work into their hands.

as my skills improve, i will share with you more specifics about the settings and exposure times i’m working with to achieve the final artwork.

your feedback and suggestions for improvement are always welcomed, and as a subscriber your input will help shape the direction of my art journey.

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