• making sketchbooks & journals with tie-dye covers
    making sketchbooks & journals with tie-dye covers

    an in-depth look at the steps taken to create these sketchbooks.

  • handmade journal: a beginner’s guide – testing the waters

    welcome to my tutorial on how to create a soft cover handmade sketchbook or journal! in this two-part series, i’ll be showing you how to create your own sketchbook from start to finish. i found this to be a great start to learning the processes involved. it is very forgiving… meaning if you a mistake […]

  • silk screen printing

    so, i’ve decided that i’m not ready to buy a new printer (despite my frustration with what i currently have). i’ve briefly looked into prices, (& print quantities) of local printing presses & giclee prints. the more i look at options, the more logical it becomes to get back into silk screening. i stumbled across […]

  • the business of art?

    i’ve needed to step back a bit from my art to begin working on my branding and website. i hate the term “branding” in the context of an individual versus a business or corporation. i think there’s a negative connotation associated with “branding” because representation/marketing so often crosses the line into manipulation. there is a […]