Exploring ‘LuLuLeo’: From ‘Leo’ to Artistic Evolution

“LuLuLeo” – I’ve entitled this work as such, appropriately. Be sure to checkout my Youtube video & learn how i titled this artwork.

Art has an incredible power to transform and evolve, much like this journey. If you remember ‘Leo,’ the majestic lion with mesmerizing blue eyes from my previous project, get ready to meet ‘LuLuLeo.’ LuLuLeo is more than just a continuation of my artistic endeavours; it’s a transformation, an evolution, and an ode to inspiration.

This journey begins with capturing a colour, a colour as elusive as it is unique – ‘The Colour of LuLu.’ So, LuLuLeo isn’t merely an art project; it’s a creative adventure.

LuLuLeo on Youtube

Pulling out the airbrush kit and armed with a new air compressor, i take practice by working on the background first. Layering between screen printing & air brushing techniques to create the final artwork.

I pulled this reference into Photoshop & created line art using my drawing tablet and different sized brush tools. Line art is available to download below. Then i processed the digital art into a silk screen print.

Reference Photo from Unsplash.com
“LuLuLeo” 22″x30″.

Bonus: Available Products

Downloads are included with a mail club subscription… but you don’t have to subscribe to purchase & support my work.

LuLuLeo – Line Art PDF


LuLuLeo lion face with mane. 20.3″x23.8″ printable download. I created this template to process onto a silk screen. please give it a try… i would love to see your creations 🙂

LuLuLeo 5×7 Card


LuLuLeo line art inspired by the colour of LuLu. 5×7 portrait print on a card. 100% cotton archival quality paper.

LuLuLeo 5×7 Print


LuLuLeo line art inspired by the colour of LuLu. 5Ă—7 portrait print. 100% cotton archival quality paper.

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September 2023

Dear Dad,

Thank you for supporting my art by becoming my first art collector.

Happy 1 Year Anniversary!

For this month’s mail of the month, you will be receiving an original artwork… signed (yes, you are correct, dad… i should be signing my art).

I will be hand delivering it to you (flat) the next time we visit in person.


  1. Theo Janssen says:

    I have my signed copy and noticed the scan linking to this presentation, well done

    1. Theo Janssen says:

      Ps great idea to have expanded information in the member format. Slight tech issue with the comment window a little too wide.

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